10 DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Halloween is right around the corner and if you love to decorate the outside of your home for every holiday, we’ve got a great list of DIY outdoor halloween decoration ideas that are sure you to help give your home the right amount of spook!

Check out our top picks for DIY outdoor halloween decoration ideas:

1. Hanging Spooky Hooded Ghost

This spooky hooded ghost is sure to add that creepy factor your front porch needs to attract (or scare) trick or treaters this year! This DIY halloween decoration may take a little extra effort to make, but it will be worth it. This spooky cloaked ghost decoration will really set off your halloween decor this year!

 hanging spooky hooded ghost DIY

More DIY details at: Grim Hollow Haunt

2. Human Size Chicken Wire Ghosts

Wait until your neighbors and trick or treaters see these human size ghosts in your front yard! These life size ghosts are sure to give your front yard the perfect amount of haunt it needs!

diy human size ghost chicken wire

More DIY details at: DIY Network

3. Creepy Lawn Ghosts Dancing Around the Fire

Creep out your trick or treaters with these lawn ghosts dancing around a fire! These ghosts are super easy to make and require just a few materials. Your neighbors will be so impressed with this unique and creepy outdoor halloween decoration!

diy creepy lawn ghosts around fire

More DIY details at: Pink PIxie Forest

4. Floating Witch’s Hat Luminaries

These DIY floating witch’s hats not only appear like they’re floating, but they also light up! Using some inexpensive witch’s hats and some cheap LED light sticks along with a couple other materials, you can add this fun halloween decoration to your backyard or porch.

diy witch's hat glowing floating

 More DIY Details at: Polka Dot Chair

5. Walking Dead Hershel’s Zombie Barnyard Door

Halloween is the perfect time for Walking Dead fans to recreate zombie-inspired outdoor decorations for their home.

This DIY Walking Dead-inspired barnyard door features a “keep out” sign along with bloody, zombie hands to scare trick-or-treaters.

zombie barnyard door diy walking dead

More DIY details at: Atta Girl Says

6. DIY Bloody Hand in Ground

This super easy and cheap DIY bloody hand in ground decoration will have trick or treaters screaming “Yikes!’ All you need are a couple items from your local dollar store and you can set this up in your front lawn to add the perfect gory halloween touch.

diy bloody hand in ground cheap

More DIY details at: Simple Made Pretty

7. DIY Bloody Footprints

All you need to creep out trick or treaters with these DIY bloody footprints is some washable red paint and your own feet! Add this bloody touch to the pathway to your door so trick or treaters can seem them as they approach your door.

diy bloody footprints halloween

More DIY details at: DIY Network

8. DIY Glowing Creepy Hand

This DIY glowing creepy hand can be easily made with masking tape and few other materials. You can plant this hand in your front lawn and light it up using a glow stick or LED light stick. Plant this glowing creepy hand near your driveway or porch so trick or treaters can see it as they come up to your door.

diy glowing creepy hand

More DIY details at: Wholesale Halloween Costumes

9. DIY Skull Bone Halloween Wreath

This DIY skull bone halloween wreath is easy, cheap and will add the creepy factor to your door! All you need are two items to put this together: a baby of plastic skull bones and Liquid Nails glue.

diy skull bone wreath

More DIY details at: Modern Day Moms

10. Black Glowing Jack-o-Lanterns

Add a spooky twist to your jack-o-lanterns by using some black spray paint or acrylic paint to paint them black. Don’t forget to use an LED light stick or candle to make sure the creepy faces glow and can be seen from afar!

black glowing pumpkin diy

More DIY details at: Betters Homes & Gardens


We hope our picks for DIY outdoor halloween decoration ideas will help you get your home in the Halloween spirit! Happy DIYing!

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