Different Types of Outdoor Fire Pits

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Today we are going to discuss the different types of Fire Pits 

1. Wood Burning Fire Pits  are the most popular outdoor Fire Pits

  • Burns:  Woods- Hardwoods are the best fire wood if you need a lot of heat and you want your fire to burn long. Oak is one of the most frequently seen hardwood available. Other examples of very hard woods are rock elm and some types of ash.
  • Shape: Generally round - there are a few square ones, but  most manufactures don't make many square screens- so in our opinion round is the way to go/
  • Sizes available: Comes in sizes from 26" to 40"
  • If you want a custom sized fire pit please call us at (844) 584-3473
  • Great for outdoor cookouts, hanging out with family and friends. Bonus! These Fire pits also help ward off bugs. 


2. Natural Gas or Propane Fire Pits are the second most popular 

  • This is the fastest growing segment in the industry. 
  • Many have bar or dining tables built around and offer a great place to sit and eat with families. 
  • Easier to light  and close down for the evening than wood-burning pits
  • California Outdoor Concepts is our brand of choice for their beauty and for quality of craftsmanship.


3. Artisan Fire Pits:  While these burn wood, we feel they deserve a category all to themselves 

  • These are hand-crafted with thick steel  for home outdoor decor and commercial art. These artistic pieces look good with or without fire and are built to last for decades. 
  • Made In America- Since they are made to order generally takes a few weeks to receive- BUT worth the wait! 
  • The artist is willing to work with individual pit owners to give them a truly unique custom fire pit.
  • No two are alike - yours will be unique and tailored to your needs


 4. Fire Grills-   perfect for tailgating at your local stadium 

  • Portable and easily converted from a Fire Pit into a grill  
  • Perfect Fire Pit for grilling hot dogs and hamburgers before the big game
  • Can customize for your favorite team- see Patina Products  If you want one that  we aren't showing call us  



Thank you for taking the time to learn about the different outdoor fire pits. We hope this is helpful  - and if you have any questions about what fire pit is right for you, give us a ring at (844) 584-3473!



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