18 Ways to Celebrate Family Fun Month in August

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The most anticipated season of the year is almost coming to an end and some kids across the country are going back to school soon, but that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t make the most out of Family Fun Month! August is national Family Fun Month and we’ve curated a list for you that can help you and your kids enjoy the last full month of summer before fall kicks in.

In most places across the United States, the weather being apt for outdoor activities and, there are plenty of places hosting family-oriented event. Our busy lives may cause us to forget to plan ahead for family fun events.

We’ve put together a Family Fun Month bucket list to help you think of ideas and look up an local events in your area! Below are 31 ideas of how you and your family can celebrate Family Fun Month.

Family Fun Month Bucket List

  1. Beat the heat at a waterpark
  2. Walkathon at amusement parks
  3. Sweat it out and hike up nearby mountains
  4. Take your kids horse riding for the first time
  5. Stack up on bait and go fishing with your kids
  6. Camp out in your backyard and enjoy your fire pit
  7. Lay flat on grass and go stargazing
  8. Take a trip to the beach and teach your kids to snorkel
  9. Find a beach with jet ski rentals and go on a ride with your kids
  10. Take it slow and go kite-flying at a local park
  11. Visit a shelter and foster an animal
  12. Find a local kid-friendly farm and visit a barn and milk a cow
  13. Be a farmer and go fresh fruit-picking
  14. Teach your kids to appreciate art as you go on a museum tour
  15. Find a local arts outdoors festival
  16. Tidy up at home and do a garage sale
  17. Cozy up in your pajamas and host a slumber party before school starts
  18. Fabricate some secret recipes and make them with your kids
family fun month curate secret recipes

You may feel overwhelmed just by looking at this Family Fun Month bucket list, but these are just a few ideas to try out with your kids. Avoid thinking about just hitting the malls, doing some window shopping, and grabbing a bite at some overrated fast food chain. Try some of these fun ideas with your kids and enjoy the last month of summer.

Kids grow up way too fast and time spent with your kids celebrating Family Fun Month is priceless. Might as well have tire out your kids having fun rather than hearing them continuously murmuring about how boring their day went. After all, memories are always the best souvenirs!

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