7 Benefits of a Ventless Gas Fireplace

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If you're still researching whether a ventless gas fireplace is right for you and your home, we've got some more helpful information for you to make that choice.

Most people choose a ventless gas fireplace instead of a wood burning fireplace because you don't have to deal with firewood, starting a fire or cleaning ash and debris afterwards.

A ventless gas fireplace does not require a vent to function and relies on indoor air combustion. If you're still deciding, below are a few of the benefits of a ventless gas fireplace.

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1. A Ventless Gas Fireplace is Easy to Use

One of the benefits of choosing a ventless gas fireplace is that you can start a fire easily and quickly. This can make it ideal for warming up your home and the room where your fireplace is located after a long day at work.

Since it does not require a chimney or vent, installation is relatively simple and cost-effective because it does not require any major renovations to your home's interior or exterior. 

Maintenance and clean up is also easy because you won't need to worry about cleaning up firewood ashes or debris.

2. A Ventless Gas Fireplace is Relatively Affordable

Most ventless gas fireplace models are less expensive than other types of fireplaces. Installation costs are also less expensive since it does not require a ventilation system. 

3. Heating Efficient Solution

With a ventless gas fireplace, there is no heat loss because it does not escape through a chimney or vent. This makes this type of fireplace a lot more efficient in heating rooms.

The ventless gas fireplace can heat a room pretty quickly, but there is no way to decrease how warm the room gets without turning off your fireplace.

4. Flexible

Fireplaces that need ventilation require a vent through the ceiling, attic or wall. Because of this, they require expensive installation and it is difficult to move them. With a ventless gas fireplace, since you don't need a vent, it is simple to move 

Although, you must make sure that the new location of your ventless gas fireplace adheres to safety guidelines mentioned in the manufacturer manual.

5. Better Burning

Ventless gas fireplaces require a high temperature so the result of the burn is often a blue looking flame and less realistic burn.

6. Moisture

When a ventless gas fireplace burn, the combustion release moisture into the air. This can be particularly beneficial during the cold winter months, which can be dry. 

7. Health Benefits

Ventless gas fireplaces don't pose the same medical risks that wood-burning fireplaces do.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that 70% of chimney smoke can return to your home. This smoke can cause severe medical risks because wood smoke is compromised of tiny particles or particle pollution, which is often tied to respiratory issues.

Because of this, a ventless gas fireplace is an ideal option for people who complain of respiratory conditions because gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels to burn.

Although you may have your own unique wants and needs for a fireplace in your home, a ventless gas fireplace offers benefits that can fit almost any home or homeowner.

If you have any other questions about ventless gas fireplaces, feel free to contact us today!


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