7 DIY Football Backyard Party Decorations

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Score big points this college football season with this easy and creative DIY football-themed decorations for your next football backyard party!

College football season is in full swing and who says the only football-themed party you can host is a Superbowl party!

You and your favorite college football fans can enjoy the last bit of warm weather by celebrating your favorite teams in your own backyard.

Alongside creating good vibes for your football backyard party, you as a host, are also tasked with the overall appearance or set-up of your backyard party to ensure it is a success.

Knowing this, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite (and easy) DIY football-themed decorations for your backyard party that are both easy to make and creative and will add the right touch of football to any backyard!

If you already own of our college football team fire pits, don’t forget to set that as the centerpiece in your outdoor entertainment area alongside some of these football DIY decorations below.

1. DIY Football Themed Bottle Labels

This DIY football decoration is super simple and will add a football touch to your party drinks!

How to Make DIY Football Bottle Labels

  1. Purchase drinking bottles according to your preference; these may be empty bottles which you can fill with your own homemade drinks, or just any ready-to-drink favorites like bottled water or bottled sodas.
  2. Measure around the bottle where you would want to place your football themed bottle labels.
  3. Create or find a design online, print and cut into the desired size.
  4. Secure the football themed bottle labels into place by sticking them on using double-adhesive tape or strong-hold glue.

football themed bottle labels

More DIY details and photo credits at: https://www.makelifelovely.com/football-party-table-football-drink-tub/

2. DIY Football Themed Party Balloons

Party balloons are always a simple way to create the right environment for a get together. You can customize inexpensive party balloons with football related symbols and words using stickers and markers for your college football backyard party.

How to make DIY Football Party Balloons

  1. Purchase packs of balloons from any crafts store or from the dollar store. Be sure to pick out colors that match your football theme.
  2. Once you’ve decided on your balloon colors, pick out some stickers or colored markers to place on the balloons. Make sure that the colors you choose will be visible when applied on the specific balloon color.
  3. Blow up the balloons using a pump and have them tied on a string or a stick, depending on your preference.
  4. Apply your desired design using the previously bought stickers or colored markers.
  5. Hang or tie your balloons around your backyard for your football party!

diy football balloons

More DIY details at and photo credits at: https://www.makelifelovely.com/football-party-table-football-drink-tub/#

3. DIY Football Drinking Cups

Disposable drinking cups are always a necessity at backyard parties, but for a football themed party, you can easily customize drinking cups with football symbols and words using stickers, markers, or paint!

How to make DIY Football Drinking Cups

  1. Purchase drinking paper cups from the grocery or the dollar store. It is best to get colors that match a football game’s palette such as brown, green, black and white or your favorite team’s colors.
  2. Look for colored tapes, stickers, paint or markers that will match the colors of your drinking cups.  
  3. Using paint, colored tapes, sticker or markers, decorate your drinking cups according to your preferred design. Consider designs such as a football, a football field, referee or the colors and symbols of your favorite college team.
  4. Place your DIY football themed cups throughout your party area such as on tables with food and drinks.

diy football cups

More DIY details at and photo credits at: https://thediyplaybook.com/2017/01/easy-super-bowl-party-ideas.html#_a5y_p=6112046

4. DIY Football Food Toppers

Create customized football-themed food toppers with cutouts of football symbols, team logos or other items.

How to Make DIY Football Food Toppers

  1. Purchase toothpicks from the grocery and some colored paper from a crafts store. Be sure to get colors that match the football color palette such as brown, green, black and white or your favorite team’s colors.
  2. Cut the colored papers into small flags or any shape you prefer. Note that the cut-outs should fit well and proportionally with the toothpicks.
  3. Design the colored cut-outs using colored markers or pens according to your preference. You may also opt to write down football related words or phrases like “touchdown” or “hut hut.”
  4. Place your cut-out, designed flags onto the toothpicks using double-sided tape or glue.
  5. Place your finished football themed flag toppers on appetizers, desserts or other similar foods that you are placing on tables.

diy football food flags

More DIY details at and photo credits at: https://www.makelifelovely.com/football-party-table-football-drink-tub/#

5. DIY Football Drink Tub

Customize drink tubs or containers by turning it into a football white colored tape and brown spray paint.

How to make DIY Football Drink Tub

  1. Get your drink tub or container and examine its size and material.
  2. Purchase your design materials according to its size and how it would hold onto your drink tub or container. If the drink tub is plastic or metal, colored tape or stickers should work well.
  3. Spray paint the container with brown spray paint.
  4. Apply the football design using white colored tape.
  5. Set out your football-themed DIY drink tub and fill with your favorite party drinks.

diy football drink tub

More DIY details at and photo credits at: https://www.makelifelovely.com/football-party-table-football-drink-tub/# 

6. DIY Football Table Centerpiece

Take a vase and old football and up-cycle it to to make a football themed centerpiece.

How to make DIY Football Centerpiece

  1. Purchase old footballs from thrift stores or find old ones that you don’t use.
  2. Cut the top and bottom part of the ball.
  3. On the top side, clear out and clean excess scraps.
  4. Place the vase inside of the football and display items like a bouquet of flowers or any other décor depending on your preference.
  5. Place on food table or other table at your backyard party as a centerpiece or table decoration.

diy football centerpiece

More DIY details and photo credits at: http://thecofranhome.com/2016/09/13/diy-football-vase/#comment-906

7. DIY Football Field Tablecloth

Decorate your party tables with a football field design using a green-colored table cloth and add accents using white tape or markers.

How to make Football Field Tablecloth

  1. Measure the table and purchase a green-colored cloth that’s proportional to the size of your table. Do take note to leave a little extra cloth if you plan to tuck it under the edges of the table.
  2. Using a white-colored vinyl or any other material you prefer, cut out the designs that you prefer such as field yard markers.
  3. Secure the cut out designs using tough glue or other tools depending on the material used.
  4. Place your items football themed items, food or drinks on the DIY football field tablecloth.

diy football tablecloth

More DIY details and photo credits at: https://www.anightowlblog.com/easy-football-field-party-table/

These are just some of the many DIY football party decoration ideas that you might want to consider. We picked some of the easiest and most simple DIY football decorations for your backyard party so you can focus on enjoying your time with loved ones celebrating your favorite college football teams this season!

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