7 Grilled Thanksgiving Recipes & Sides

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charlie brown thanksgiving gifYou use your backyard grill for other gatherings involving food and guests, so why not use your fire pit grill to make some mouthwatering grilled Thanksgiving recipes? Check out the list we've put together below of some of our favorite, tasty grilled Thanksgiving recipes and sides from around the world wide web!

1. Grilled Turkey with Citrus Herb Salt & Sage Butter

This mouthwatering grilled turkey recipe will add the perfect smoky flavor to this year's Thanksgiving turkey! Check out the full recipe on Grillocracy.

grilled turkey recipe thanksgiving

2. Grilled, Double Smoked Ham

Make this year's ham extra tasty by following this double smoked grilled ham with a sweet and spicy orange and pepper jelly glaze recipe at Grillocracy.

thanksgiving double smoked ham

3. Cider-Glazed Grilled Veggies

A seasonal spin on your favorite seasonal veggies, this recipe for a side of veggies is both healthy and tasty! Grill up your favorite seasonal veggies on your fire pit grill and add some flavor with a sweet apple cider glazes. Check out the full recipe at Weber.

apple cider glazed grilled veggies thanksgiving

4. Grilled Corn Pudding

This fun corn side will have your family and guests saying "yum!" Fire up your fire pit grill and grill up some corn to make this creamy grilled corn pudding as a grille Thanksgiving side! Check out the full recipe on Family Circle.

grilled corn pudding

5. Smoked Thanksgiving Gravy

Even if you don't opt to your make a grilled Turkey, you can still make a delicious, smoked turkey gravy to add to your Thanksgiving menu! Check out this easy recipe to add a smoky Thanksgiving turkey gravy to your dinner at Grillocracy.

smoked grill turkey gravy

6. Grilled Bread Dressing with Cranberries & Leeks

This grilled turkey bread dressing adds a different taste to your traditional Thanksgiving bread dressing. Check out the full recipe on Kitchn.

grilled bread dressing thanksgiving

7. Grilled Apple Crisp Dessert

So delicious and so easy! This grilled apple crisp makes the perfect grilled Thanksgiving dessert! Your family will love this yummy grilled twist on Thanksgiving dessert. Check out the full recipe at What Should I Make For...

We hope you and your family have a great time this Thanksgiving and try and enjoy some of these delicious Thanksgiving grilled recipes!


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