7 October Gardening Tips

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welcome great pumpkin gifFall is officially here, which means beautiful fall colors, a crisp breeze early in the morning or late in the evening and, of course, lots and lots of pumpkins!

Although, since it is now Fall, and it is a bit colder, you may be wondering what that means for your garden this time of year.

We’ve put together a list of October gardening tips for all you fall weather gardeners out there.

1. Don’t forget your lawn!

Since it is getting colder, you won’t need to worry about cutting your grass as frequently as you did in the summer, but it is important to prepare your lawn for the colder weather to come.

For your lawn’s final cut before cold weather truly hits, make sure you make the final cut slightly higher than usual to protect the grass from winter frosts.

During the fall, make sure you care for your lawn by raking and brushing leaves off your grass. Consider collecting the leaves you rake in a leaf bag to later make leaf mould for your garden, which should be ready around spring time.

2. Trim hedges and bushes.

If you’ve got bushes and plants around your home, make sure you trim up hedges and bushes to make them crisp for winter weather.

3. Harvest pumpkins, squash and other gourds.

If you happen to have grown pumpkins, squash or any type of gourd, make sure you harvest these before the first frost. Otherwise, the cold weather and frost will turn these into mush!

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4. Plant flower bulbs for Spring.

If you want lots of pretty flowers in the Spring, make sure you take the time to plant bulbs in the fall. For a beautiful, colorful display, try planting cluster of five to seven bulbs of the same variety on borders.

5. Clean up rose leaves and prune climbing roses.

If you have rose plants in your front lawn or garden, make sure you are cleaning up any fallen rose leaves before the first frost. This will prevent diseases like black spot due to over-wintering. Do not compost fallen rose leaves.

If you have any climbing rose plants, make sure to prune these once they’ve finished flowering. Before fall winds really hit, make sure you tie the stems to prevent any damage.

6. Use Fall leaves as mulch around your garden.

You can grind some of the Fall leaves you collect from raking as a natural mulch for your garden. You can use these Fall leaves as mulch around perennials or to blanket empty vegetable beds to protect them from cold weather.

7. Protect your fresh vegetable plants and extend the season.

You can still enjoy fresh veggies from your garden into the winter months by covering cool-season vegetable plants with special grow cloths.

Vegetable plants such as lettuce, arugula, carrots, beets and spinach can continue to grow even in freezing temperatures.

A grow cloth, which is made of spun polyester, can be used to protect these vegetable plants by laying it over the crops and being anchored to soil with bricks or metal pins.

This polyester fabric allows moisture and sunshine to still reach your vegetable plants while creating a snug environment so they can continue to grow.

Salad loose-leaf greens are especially easy to grow in cooler weather and will grow quickly in the Fall and Winter. They can also be clipped at any age so you will always have a harvest available.

We hope our October and fall gardening tips will help you maintain your garden into the colder time of the year! 



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