7 Things to Get Your Home Summer Ready

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As all of us, especially our kids, anticipate the arrival of our favorite season, there are a handful of things that may need extra attention. Although this is the season of family outings and road trips, summer camps and sports clinics, it is also the season of scorching hot temperatures and bug intrusions. So, before the temperatures start to rise even more, let’s consider making our home ‘summer-proof.’ Being the hottest time of the year, preparing your home for summer weather is a must and here are some summer home maintenance tips you could use.


Since summer heat can be a little too hot and may be unbearable for some, making sure that your remedy in keeping cool this summer is at its tip-top shape. You may opt to call a air conditioning specialist or do it yourself. Make sure you clean your air filters with warm water and soap - ideally, free of dust or replace them if cleaning does not suffice. Similarly, make sure you the inside and outside of the unit is clean and free of dust.


Regardless if you have your fan or air conditioning unit turned on, sunlight may peek through your windows and make it hotter in the inside of your home. Make sure your windows are clean and opt for curtains that are dark in color, or even darker window blinds. If you opt to open the windows instead of using your air conditioning unit, make sure the windows are are free of dirt and dust. Also, make sure to take a look at its handles and screws to ensure you don’t encounter any problems with opening and closing them.


summer plumbing tipsSometimes, a quick and cheap way to subdue the humid and sticky feeling during summer is to take a shower. Similarly, we may opt to water down a paved area if it is too hot to walk on. That said, preparing your home for summer weather may include calling the plumber. If you’ve already found any leaks in the plumbing of the inside or outside of your home, it is ideal to take care of this as quickly as possible to prevent bigger problems. Ideally, a professional should be around as he may be best in dealing with cracks and leaks.


Since insects love the warm weather, they may tend to appear in more places than expected. Your garden being the usual, but also give a look at your walls, ceilings, behind furniture and especially in the kitchen. As a summer home maintenance tip, make it a habit to call for pest control. This way, they can assist you with how to control insects from flocking in your home.

However, if you’re looking for a more practical way to do preventive pest control maintenance, routinely spray insecticide in areas where these little termites, ants or other bugs may hide. There are also many affordable ways to deal with flies and mosquitoes during the summer inside your home and in outdoor entertainment areas where your fire pit grill may be.

Also, don’t forget to keep your food and any insect-attracting meals inside your fridge or properly sealed in containers. You wouldn’t want to eat anything that’s contaminated, right?


Rarely do we think that our gardens or backyards need lots of attention during this season - especially since flowers and plants love some doses of sunlight. Don’t get too at ease during this season as it may be a little too dry for our garden and backyard. Make sure you water your plants daily and that your sprinkler system is working. To make the most of your water system, if you have a timer, or water your green areas manually, make sure to do so either really early in the morning before the sun fully rises and temperatures are lower or later in the evening.


Stock up on some refreshing, cold snacks so you’ll have munchies to keep you cool during the warm weather. A regular intake of cold water will also keep you feeling refreshed. So, consider preparing and keeping pitchers of cold drinks in your fridge and keep refilling your ice tray.


If us humans are preparing for the hot and humid summer, we shouldn’t forget about summer home maintenance tips for our pets. Since it can get too hot outside, allot a space for your pets indoors where they can lounge and cool off. Keep them hydrated as well with bowls of cold water readily available. Make sure you do not leave your pets outside in the heat for too long as this can trigger a heat stroke. We wouldn’t want to lose our pets because of negligence.

With these summer home maintenance tips, do you think preparing your home for summer weather will be a breeze? We know it may seem overwhelming, but it is always better to be prepared. These summer home maintenance tips will be helpful in preparing for the summer season. Hopefully we’ve provided some good information for you in preparing your home for summer weather!

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