8 Reasons to Buy a Natural Gas Fire Pit

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At Fire Pit Plaza, we are obviously fans of all types of fire pits and outside fire pit tables. Fire pits and fire pit tables allow you to create a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing environment in your own backyard.

Fire pits create a focal point for your backyard design and can allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors even when it's colder outside.

When you're looking into what fire pit to buy and install, you may be wondering what fuel type to choose for your fire pit. We've put together a list of 10 reasons of why you should buy a natural gas fire pit.

1. Convenient & Easy to Light & Extinguish

Without the need for firewood, a natural gas fire pit or natural gas fire pit table is so much easier to light. With a a natural gas fire pit, you can conveniently set up your outdoor fire in less than 5 seconds! 

Not only that, you can turn off the fire just as easily!

2. Safety & Control

Because you are using natural gas to light your fire pit, you don't have to worry about the fire getting out of control because of embers or the wind blowing the fire.

A natural gas fire pit is much safer to use because you have a more controlled flame and fire.

Many times, natural gas fire pits are allowed by city ordinances where other fuel types may not be.

3. Continuous Heat

Not only does a natural gas fire pit table require less up front work to light it, but you also won't have to worry about standing up to grab more fuel or fire wood when the flame starts getting low.

With a natural gas fire pit, you will have a continuous, consistent flame and heat.

4. Variety of Fire Pit Table Heights

The natural gas fire pit allows for more variety of looks and design to choose from when it comes to a simple natural gas fire pit or a natural gas fire pit table.

At Fire Pit Plaza, we have natural gas fire pits in all different heights such as chat height, coffee table style or even a natural gas bar table!

With natural gas as your fire pit fuel, you have more flexibility in choosing the type of fire pit that fits the look you are creating in your backyard.

natural gas fire pit bar table

5. Less Mess & No Embers

Natural gas allows for easier maintenance and clean up when using a fire pit in your backyard.

Unlike other fuel types, a natural gas fire pit does not produce embers or ashes and does not require extensive clean up after you use it.

After a chilly fun night enjoying your fire pit in your own backyard, you can relax afterwards knowing that the clean up won't take long at all.

6. Smoke Free & Odorless

A natural gas fire pit does not produce the odor that other fuel types produce. It is also odorless so you won't have to worry about having that smoky smell stick to your clothing or hair.

7. Eco-Friendly Burning

A natural gas fire pit is a lot cleaner to burn for the environment. Not only that if you have kids or guests that have breathing issues such asthma, natural gas is always the better choice.

Your family and guests will breathe easy while still enjoying the ambiance of your natural gas fire pit.

8. Higher ROI

With anything you add to your home and its appearance, you will question the ROI and resale value. Since natural gas fire pits are more eco-friendly and cleaner, they provide a higher return on investment.


Any type of fire pit will make an awesome addition to your backyard to create a relaxing ambiance, but consider the reasons above when choosing your fire pit table and consider buying a natural gas fire pit.

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