Flowers to Plant in June

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If you are looking to beautify your garden, but you’re unsure what the best flowers to plant in June are, you should consider looking at and researching about annual flower plants. Annual flower plants are considered the best types of flowers to plant in June. If you want a lively-colored garden, annuals are long-lasting and display vibrant hues. Since annuals can withstand humid temperatures, it makes them the best flowers to plant in June.

Below are some suggestions on what flowers to plant in June:


There are several varieties of Marigolds and they are considered great choices of flowers to plant in June because they are relatively easy to grow. Maintenance for Marigold plants iis very convenient because they rarely need to be watered – about every two weeks in dry, hot weather. Additionally, Marigold plants do well on their own and do not require fertilizers. Apart from arguably being among the best flowers to plant in June, Marigold flower plants also possess lively colors and will make your garden stand out.


From the name itself, Cosmos literally translates to “beautiful” in Greek. Since they are available in several colors and produce striking and feathery leaves, this should definitely be on your list of flowers to plant in June. What also sets it apart from other types of flowers is that they attract helpful insects to your garden – an ideal trait of what should be the best flowers to plant in June.


lupine flowers to grow in juneNothing short of a standout, Lupines are the giants among annuals. If you’re looking for something uncommon, Lupines may be the answer to what flowers to plant in June. It gives balance and variety to one’s garden considering its size and strong bold colors. You may even consider using them as a border plant if you don’t fancy them being distributed around your garden.


Morning Glory flower plants have eccentric traits and they undoubtedly belong on our list of best flowers to plant in June.Morning Glory plants maintain good growth and have a fast-paced flowering habit. Since Morning Glories are considered vines, they climb up in grills, fences, and the like – probably a trait that no other annual plant can top. That said, these climbers can provide shading in you backyard or garden – definitely a hack for saving up on those extra bucks.  



Also known as cornflowers and an obvious look-a-like of miniature carnations, Bachelor Buttons are aficionados of the scorching sun and an expert in tolerating poor soil quality. Maintenance wise, Bachelor Buttons make it to the list of best flowers to plant in June they can withstand the hottest months of the year even with just minimal watering – sometimes even just a couple of drops per week is enough. Bachelor Buttons attract garden-friendly insects like ladybugs.

These are just a few of the many options or varieties of annuals you can choose from to plant in June. June is an ideal month to plant annuals. All these annuals have different traits and appearances but undeniably, these can all withstand the harsh heat during that time of the year.

Each of these annuals will possess specific characters that may be appealing to you and to plant in your garden. We highly recommend these flowers to plant in June, which can beautify your garden, making it vibrant, happy, and lively-colored.


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