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Graduation season is upon us! Depending on what high school or college your kids are graduating from, they may be graduating in May or June.

Why not take advantage of the warmer weather and celebrate in your own backyard with a great graduation cookout?

We’ve put together a few ideas to help you start a planning graduation cookout celebration so you can have family and friends over to honor how proud you are of your kids!

Outdoor Graduation Party Decorations

There are some many graduation party decorations that you can choose from that will make your outdoor graduation party a huge success.

Some graduation party decorations that can be placed outdoors include:

  • Balloons (tie them to chairs outside or tables)
  • Banners (hang them up where people come in)
  • Tableware (plates, cups, napkins)
  • A Graduation Card Box (it’s decorative and functional)
  • Framed Graduation Photo (place it on the cake/dessert table)
  • Graduation Themed Photo Booth (all you need are some props and a nice backdrop - what better backdrop than the nice greenery in your backyard!)

There are many places where you can find all of these outdoor party decorations including your local craft store, such as Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Joanne Fabrics and, of course, Party City.

If you’re an online shopper, Amazon has a vast selection of graduation party decorations as well.

Make it An Outdoor Party Theme

If your kid would be into it, why not consider a party theme other than “Graduation”? His or her friends can dress up and the outdoor party decorations and food can follow the theme too!

Some outdoor party theme ideas include:

  • Outdoor Fiesta (make it fun - get a piñata and some maracas!)
  • Luau Themed Graduation Party (think tropical colors and a Fruit Virgin Cocktail “Tiki Bar!”)
  • College Theme (if your kid is a college grad, this is an obvious choice. If your kid is a high school grad, make it the theme of the school they plan on attending in the fall!)

Graduation Cookout Recipes & Food

What about the food? You’ve got access to your fire pit grill so it’s time to make some food magic that will delight your graduation party’s guests!

Kick Your Burgers & Hot Dogs Up a Knotch!

Want a stress-free option, grill up some burgers and hot dogs, but make them a little extra tasty by doing the following:

  • Preseason your burger meat and let it sit in your refrigeration the night before
  • Pick up extra burger toppings like avocado,mushrooms, blue cheese, bacon and array of cheese slices
  • Cook up some chili in your crock pot as a hot dog topping
  • Cut up some chopped onions for your hot dogs

graduation cookout burgers

Food Skewers & Kabobs

Food skewers and kabobs are simple to make and grill! You can prep your uncooked skewers ahead of time and stick them covered up in the fridge. Not only that, you can make a vast variety of skewers that will appeal to all your guests - even vegetarians! Make an all veggie skewer for vegetarians or a chicken and steak skewer for your meat lovers!

You can even make kabobs that will match the outdoor party theme you choose, such as Hawaiian chicken kabobs with chicken, peppers and pineapple for your Luau party or Mexican fajita kabobs with peppers and chicken (squeeze a little lime juice on there too).

Play Some Outdoor Games

You’re already set up outside and you’ve got enough people, why not play some outdoor games?

Here are some ideas for outdoor games you can play at a graduation party:

  • Cornhole (Borrow some cornhold boards from a friend or neighbor or if you already own some, set them up outside)
  • Lawn Twister (Get some temporary spray chalk and create your own outdoors Twister board)
  • Bean Bag Toss (don’t have cornhole boards, no problem. Try this DIY tutorial to make an alternative game instead.)
  • Recycled Bottle Bowling (Paint some plastic bottles, fill them up with water and set them up as pins, grab a ball and start bowling!)

An outdoor graduation cookout is a great graduation party idea because you can host a good number of guests in your own backyard, cook up simple, but tasty food recipes on your fire pit grill and enjoy the beautiful warm weather!

Congratulations to all the 2018 graduates from Fire Pit Plaza!

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