How to Make Smores - Smores Recipe for National Smores Day

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Who doesn't love gooey marshmallow, Hershey's chocolate inside of a Graham cracker sandwich, better known to most as Smores! August 10th is known as National Smores Day so what is a more perfect way to celebrate than making your own smores in your own backyard!

Smores Recipe Ingredients:

  • Graham crackers
  • Whole Marshmallows, regular size
  • Chocolate bars, Hershey-style or any kind of chocolate
  • Stick/wire to hold the marshmallow/skewer
  • Plate

How to Make Smores:

Step One: Light Fire Pit

  • Light your fire pit to make the smores. If you are using a wood burning fire pit, the wood should be dry, free from paint or any preservatives. Please do not use any fire accelerants. 

Step Two: Break the Graham Cracker

  • Take one graham cracker. Break the graham cracker in half so that you end up with approximately two square graham crackers to make your smores "sandwich."

Step Three: Chocolate Time!

  • Unwrap the chocolate bars. Break the chocolate bar into smaller pieces as indicated by the indentations in the surface of the chocolate bar. Place one or two of the smaller chocolate pieces on one graham cracker.

Step Four: Roast the Marshmallow

  • Carefully insert the clean hot dog style roasting fork or wooden stick into the side of marshmallow for your smores.
  • Hold marshmallow 3–12 inches above the fire. Make sure you keeping your hands and clothing away  from the fire or heat. Rotate marshmallow slowly above the fire as the marshmallow browns. Remove from the heat before it burns or becomes too brown. Remember the marshmallow should be roasted, not burnt!
  • Immediately place the roasted, melted marshmallow on top of the base graham cracker and chocolate.
  • Remove roasting fork or stick from the roasted marshmallow. Be careful as it will be hot after roasted!

Step Five: Enjoy Your Smores!

  • Place the top graham cracker on the roasted marshmallow and now melted chocolate. The hot marshmallow goo will melt the chocolate pieces. While the marshmallow is still warm, eat graham cracker with melted chocolate and marshmallow - your smore!

smores recipe how to make smores on fire

We hope our smores recipe has been easy to follow and you now know how to make smores using your fire pit in your own backyard!


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