How to Safely Put Out a Wood Burning Fire Pit

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We know that handling a fire pit, specifically a wood burning fire pit can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Because of this we've put together some steps that you can follow to how to turn off a fire pit safely.

We recommend you follow these steps and always use caution and your best judgment when lighting and putting out a backyard fire pit.

Please also remember not to let children handle a fire pit unsupervised.

1. Let the Wood Burn to Ash

It is highly recommended to let the wood burn down, and if possible, to ash completely. In order to ease the process of putting out a fire pit, you can even put out the remaining chunks of wood using a shovel or a stick. Be careful not to knock up ash when doing this as the ash will be very hot. The ash from a wood burning fire pit will retain heat even if it is not actively glowing and will be extremely hot. 

how to put out fire pit safely

2.  Water to Put Out Fire Pit

Be sure to wait until the fire pit has cooled some, as hot metal and water can crack your fire pit. Start by carefully pouring a bucket of water on the ashes of your wood burning fire pit. You will hear some sizzling sounds from some of the ashes that are still ignited, which is normal.  Remember to pour water on all of the ashes, not just the ones that are red, glowing pieces. Pour water to put out the fire pit until the sizzling sounds are completely silenced. 

3.  Stir with a long handled shovel

Using a shovel, stir all wet ashes of ember and remaining chunks of wood together. Make sure everything has been soaked by the water. This will help ensure that you put out a fire pit fire correctly.

4. Check Your  Surroundings

Are there any wood or ashes that might have been blown away and out of the fire pit? Make sure that nothing on or around the fire pit is still ignited. Finally, do a temperature check on your fire pit to ensure it’s not generating more heat.

Fire pits are a great way to bring people together to relax in your backyard! Please remember you are dealing with fire and to always use caution.

Since ash from the fire pit retains heat, even if its not glowing, it will still be extremely hot.  When putting out a fire pit, nothing works better than time, but the steps above will help you when putting out a fire pit.



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