Our Top 7 Artisan Fire Pits

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If you're in the market for an outdoor fire pit, you may have seen artisan fire pits that have unique looks that can add a different look to your backyard.

Artisan Fire Pits are available in all different styles to fit all types of backyard designs and personal tastes including various colors and shapes.

Here are our 7 favorite artisan fire pits:

1. Bella Luna - "Beautiful Moon" Artisan Fire Pit

This artisan fire pit is simple, but will provide a wonder allure to any backyard! The "Beautiful Moon" artisan fire pit will highlight your backyard with a warm and inviting glow from the flames. 

This artisan fire pit's unique design provides a breathtaking view when it is lit and will provide a warm, relaxing environment for conversations around the fire and keep you warm even on colder nights.

artisan fire pit beautiful moon

2. Third Rock Artisan Fire Pit

If you are looking to add other shapes to the rectangular objects in your backyard, an artisan fire pit in the shape of the Earth would pop and may serve as an accent in your backyard's design. Aside from the life it brings to your space, it uniquely reflects the flames in an artistic way - like a silhouette of the Earth, or a shooting star at rest even. What makes this artisan fire pit more special is its durability and its life span, made to withstand uncertain weather. 

artisan fire pit third rock earth world

3. Low Boy 36" Artisan Fire Pit

This artisan fire pit can easily be considered as the best buy in this list! Aside from being easy to use and efficient, it is made for both sunny and rainy days. No worries on rain water filling up this fire pit because it come with a 1” rain drain - very convenient, indeed! Its bowl design is lower to the ground and provides a retro look for your backyard. It can sit as a centerpiece or near a water source to create a relaxing view that all your guests will be talking about.

 artisan fire pit low boy low fire pit

4. Funky Dog Artisan Fire Pit

Are you a pet parent to a fuzzy and wooly canine? Inspired by man’s best friend, this artisan fire pit may be the perfect addition to your backyard. This artisan fire pit is not only unique in its design, but it is really functional as well. It advantageously comes with a 1.5” inch rain drain and is made from carbon steel with an iron oxide finish and has a heat resistant inner coating.

artisan fire pit funky dog

5. Barefoot Beach Artisan Fire Pit

This artisan fire pit is such a unique piece and so perfect if your home or backyard is by the water! Although, its circular form and patterns embedded on it makes it an artistic piece which can be placed anywhere. Even though its motif is of a summer feel or by the beach, it still works well when placed in one’s garden or in a pool area. When this fire pit is lit, the flames look spectacular against the metal cuts shaped like sand dollars and star fish.barefoot beach artisan fire pit

6. Bella Vita Artisan Fire Pit

The Bella Vita artisan fire pit has a bold design that deviates from the norm - its look is sleek and modern. Its structure is made of stainless steel, which high resistance against rust and corrosion. It also features a rain drain in case of any rain storms. 

bella vita stainless steel artisan fire pit

7. Manta Ray Artisan Fire Pit

The Manta Ray artisan fire pit creates a reflective ambiance and glow of the fire. This artisan fire pit is hand cut and crafted and designed to imitate the a beautiful giant manta ray, which glides gently through the sea with large wing strokes. Its unique, beautiful design will bring elegance to any backyard.

manta ray artisan fire pit

These are our favorite artisan fire pits, but we have a few more in stock so make sure to check them out here.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding any of the artisan fire pits above or any other fire pit and we'd be happy to help.

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