Fire Pit Safety Tips & Guidelines

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Fire pits can add life to your backyard design and create an inviting environment for your family and guests, especially during the colder months.

To fully enjoy your fire pit, you should be aware of smart fire pit safety tips and guidelines to keep you and those around the fire pit safe.

Please note that the below are fire pit safety guidelines we have curated, but you should always use caution when dealing with fire.

Fire Pit Location

When it comes to the location of your fire pit, a fire pit safety tip to follow is to place your outdoor fire pit at least 3 feet away from children and pets.

Some communities have ordinances that require a minimum of a 10-foot distance from your house, any structure and your neighbors' backyards. To be extra safe, you may consider placing your fire pit at a 25-foot distance.

Fire Pit Surface & Surroundings

Your fire pit should never be placed under a covered porch or near low hanging tree branches.

Do not place your fire pit on a wooden deck or directly on any grass or your lawn.

Make sure your fire pit is a on a non-flammable surface such as patio blocks or concrete.

outdoor fire pit safety tips

Fire Pit Lighting Safety

  • Before lighting your fire pit, make sure you check the direction of the wind. If it is too windy, do not light your outdoor fire pit.
  • Do not use flammable fluids to light your fire pit such as gasoline or lighter fluid. Instead, consider using a fire starter stick.
  • Do not wear flammable or loose clothing while lighting a fire pit. 
  • Avoid using soft woods to light your fire pit. More information on the best wood to burn for your fire pit is available here. Soft woods can pop and throw sparks and embers.

Safely Using Your Fire Pit

  • Do not leave your outdoor fire pit unattended when it is lit.
  • Never leave children or pets alone when your fire pit is burning.
  • Consider using a fire pit screen to help keep embers from flying out and prevent children or pets from getting into the fire pit.
  • Limit the amount of wood or fuel you put into the fire. Only use what is necessary to keep the fire burning gently.
  • Do not burn paper products or garbage in your fire pit. These can easily create sparks and embers and cause fire safety hazards.
  • Keep a container of water and a hose nearby in case of a fire pit safety emergency.

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Putting Out a Fire Pit

Depending on the type of fire pit you are using, there are fire pit safety guidelines to follow on how to safely put out your outdoor fire pit.

If you are using a wood burning fire pit, check out our guide on how to safely put out a wood burning fire pit.

Here are some fire pit safety tips on how to extinguish your fire pit:

  • Have a shovel nearby to help extinguish escaped flames and fire.
  • Extinguish or put out your fire pit using water - drown the fire and stir it with a shovel to ensure it is fully extinguished. 

Safely Dispose of Fire Pit Ashes

Disposing ashes correctly is a crucial step to fire pit safety. In order to safely dispose of fire pit ashes, make sure you do the following:

  • Use a metal can solely for ash storage and dispose ashes in this can. Ashes can still be hot enough to cause a fire after 2 or 3 days so be careful where they are placed.
  • Never discard hot ashes into compost piles, cardboard boxes or paper bags or anything that is combustible.

Following these fire pit safety tips will help you safely enjoy the relaxing ambiance your fire pit can create in the comfort of your own backyard! 

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