Ten Coolest Backyard Fire Pits Online

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We love all things Fire Pit related, store bought to DIY.  We decided the that we should show our 10 favorite backyard fire pits from around the world and our store (we can't help it, we're biased)! 

10.  Fire Pit Art's Third Rock Fire Pit 

One of our very own artisan fire pits, the Third Rock Fire Pit is perfect for homeowners who have a love for artistic uniqueness. This artistic fire pit is a large orb in the shape of the Earth with cut outs in the shapes of the continents and the water of the planet in steel. When this unique fire pit is lit, it creates a fiery visualization of the earth's fiery inner core and delivers a beautiful view that is sure to delight your backyard party guests!

 9. Two Horses Fighting 

This artisan fire pit features captivating horse scenes of two rearing stallions facing each other as well as two separate galloping horses. This sculptural fire bowl is a wood burning fire pit that looks magnificent when lit.

8. Fleur de Lis Fire Pit

The Fleur de Lis Fire Pit is designed to showcase elegance with a classic French Monarchy look and feel. With its large base design, it features the French Monarchy symbol, the fleur de lis, cutout throughout the base. The fleur de lis cutout design creates a breathtaking view when this fire pit is lit and will be the talk of your next backyard party!

7.  Chat Height Gas Fire Pit Table 

This chat height propane gas fire pit table has a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design with an aluminum torso and granite table. It also features a clear fire glass that will create a beautiful reflection of the flickering flames when it is lit.

 6.  The Death Star! 

This Death Star artisan fire pit models ands pays homage to one of the most talked about weapons in movie history. This fire pit sculpture is one to see when flames are flickering and will add a unique touch to your backyard.


5.  Pirate Ship Fire Pit 

The pirate ship fire pit is a favorite for fans of pirate stories and pirate movies or even sail boat enthusiasts. This pirate ship design of this fire pit adds a unique twist to a classic fire pit and certainly one your backyard guests will remember.

 4.  Boba Fett Fire Pit 


The Boba Fett fire pit is a favorite for Star Wars fans old and young! The fire pit is designed in the form of the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy's helmet. It has twin opening doors and has a sleek stove black finish.

3.  Worlds End Fire Pit 

The Worlds End fire pit is a fire pit sculpture that features a majestic nature view with forms of trees and a couple in love in its center. When this backyard fire pit is lit, the artistic cutout shaped as trees resemble a burning forest with the couple of the bridge depicting a metaphorical "burning love."

2. Darth Vader 

Another Star Wars fan favorite, the Darth Vader helmet fire pit features cutouts of Darth Vader's eyes and mouth so that when it is lit it bring the helmet to life!

 1.  Dragon Fire Pit 

Last but not least, the Dragon head fire pit is designed to look like a dragon's head along with its scaly texture. This fire pit has cutout for the dragons eyes, nose and gigantic mouth. When the dragon fire pit is lit, its eyes, nose and mouth shine bright giving the illusion that the dragon is breathing fire! 

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BONUS:  The office's favorite -  Simple and multifunctional  at a great price!  

This is our office favorite - the grill fire pit! It not only serves the purpose of creating a visual fire, but also doubles as a grill!

If you have a favorite backyard fire pit that we did not mention, please email us at Info@firepitplaza.com.

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