What Size Fire Pit Screen Should I Buy?

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Fire Pit Screen Size to Buy

You've bought the perfect fire pit for your backyard oasis, but now you need a fire pit screen. But you have no idea where to start on shopping for a fire pit screen or what size you should buy. Don't worry, we've got you covered! 

Fire pit screens are great because the provide protection from sparks and allow you to cover your fire pit while it is not in use. Read on to get the full scoop on what size fire pit screen you need for your fire pit.

Fire Pit Diameter

When ordering or calculating what size fire pit screen you need, it's best to have some measurements.
We need the inside diameter of the fire pit and the outside diameter and the depth.
From the measurements of your fire, we can then calculate the right size diameter of the fire pit screen you need.  We suggest adding 2" to each side of the inside measurement of the fire pit.
An example would be let's say your inside measurement is 36" then add 2" to each side making a total of 40". Take 36", add 4" and this would make the screen 40".
If you have any questions, call Fire Pit Plaza at (844) 584-3473.
  • For Round: Measure pit inside diameter and add 4”.
  •  For Square/Rectangular: Add 2” to inside pit dimensions (2” to length and 2” to width).


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