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Fire Pit Art Spark Guard 36"

Fire Pit Art

  • $500.00

The Fire Pit Art Spark Guard 36" is a fantastic choice for helping to keep the sparks from flying out of your compatible fire pit. This fire pit spark guard is handcrafted from high strength and heavy duty mesh which allows for it to withstand the demands of any heating wear and tear. It features 2" strong wide steel bands which are capable of holding the mesh together and in a rounded fashion.

This fire pit spark screen is designed in the color black and is powder coated with black paint. It is capable of fitting 36" fit pits only and fits the styles of Crater, Asia 36, Funky Dog, Bella Luna, Fleur De Lis, Low Boy 36, Kokopelli, Nepal, Manta Ray, Scallop style, and Saturn style Fire Pit Art models. This fire pit spark arrestor is great for providing high protection of your home and backyard from dangerous flying embers when used of a night.


  • Fits: 36" Asia Style Fire Pit
  • Color: Black powder coated paint
  • Material: Heavy mesh
  • Bands: 2inch wide steel bands
  • Handcrafted: Yes

Buy the Fire Pit Art Spark Guard 36 today and help to protect your backyard and home from flying sparks.

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