Fire Pit Art Spark Guard 48" - Fire Pit Plaza

Fire Pit Art Spark Guard 48"

Fire Pit Art

  • $550.00

The Fire Pit Art Spark Guard is a professionally designed guard which is capable of helping to reduce the risk of sparks escaping when used over the top of the 48" Asia Style Fire Pit. This fire pit spark guard is handcrafted and is constructed from heavy duty mesh to handle the wear and tear of everyday use. It features 2 inch wide bands made from steel which helps to keep the integrity of the fire pit spark screen in a rounded shape.

Featuring a black colored painted appearance with a powder-coated finish, this fire pit spark arrestor is designed to give a complimentary look and appearance while adding that added protection and style over the Fire Pit Art Asia model.


  • Fits: 48" Asia Style Fire Pit
  • Color: Black powder coated paint
  • Material: Heavy mesh
  • Bands: 2inch wide steel bands
  • Handcrafted: Yes

Try the fire pit art spark guard today and keep your embers and sparks in the one place to protect your home and backyard.

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