Fire Pit Art Nepal Fire Pit

Fire Pit Art

  • $1,090.00

The Fire Pit Art Nepal Fire Pit is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to bring life to their backyard. This fire pit art Asia model is designed to offer a symbolic look and feel of ancient incense burners that can create positive energy around your family and home. This art Nepal firepit is a hand cut and crafted fire pit which can easily handle heavy use over time. It is great for placing in your outdoor area facing a pool or the horizon, and is capable of providing a warm ambiance and glow against your darkening backdrop.

Designed by Rick Wittrig, each of the fire pit art Nepal models are individually signed and are unique to the market. They are designed from 1 quarter inch thick carbon steel and are designed as one of the fit pits available on the market that uses the heaviest gauge metal to date. This fire pit art Asia model features an iron oxide patina around the outer exterior which is designed to darken over time to have a more permanent look. It is designed to withstand against high temperature ranges when used and can easily be left out in the rain with its 1" rain drain at the bottom. This art Nepal firepit doesn't require any maintenance, and comes with a 1" carbon steel base plate. It features a 24" height and a 36" diameter while also weighing up to 165lbs. This Fire Pit Art Asia model is great for installing in any backyard to bring that lovely warmth to any outdoor area of your home.


  • Weight: 165lbs
  • Diameter: 36"
  • Height: 24"
  • Base Plate: Carbon steel
  • Coating: Iron Oxide
  • Construction: 1 quarter inch carbon steel
  • Designer: Rick Wittrig

Buy the Fire Pit Art Nepal Fire Pit today and watch your backyard transform in front of you!

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