Fire Pit Art Third Rock Fire Pit

Fire Pit Art

  • $1,490.00

The Fire Pit Art Third Rock Fire Pit is a great choice for those who wish to add some artistic uniqueness to their backyard. This third rock outdoor fire pit is designed as a large orb and represents the earth with the countries cut-out and the water of our planet made in steel. When this fire pit art third rock model is used, it highlights beautifully the earth's fiery inner core that delivers magnificent viewing each and every time. The original design was made by a craftsman from Tennessee in the heartland of the USA.

This third rock fire pit globe is constructed from 1" thick heavy duty mild carbon steel and can easily withstand any outdoor changing weather condition with ease. It comes with a resistant high temperature coating, and is designed with a rain drain of 1" Featuring an exterior which features an iron oxide patina, it provides maintenance free use which allows for it to easily be left out time and time again. When used over time, the patina will darken as it matures and then delivers a wonderful shaded appearance that will remain permanent forever! With each third rock outdoor fire pit designed to be unique, they come with an individual number attached on the brass plaque by the artist.


  • Rain Drain: 1"
  • Construction:1" thick mild carbon steel
  • Design: Earth
  • Coating: high temperature resistant coating
  • Exterior: Iron oxide patina
  • Made: USA

Buy the Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit today and see the magnificent glow of our beautiful planet!

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