Rounded Fire Pit Grates - Fire Pit Plaza

Rounded Fire Pit Grates

Aspen Industries

  • $254.00

Fire Grates are made of welded 5/8″ carbon steel bar stock, or Stainless Steel for durability. The thinner the bars on the grate, the faster you will burn through them! Even in a fire pit, it is best to use a grate. Raising the logs off of the floor of the fire pit will allow better air circulation to keep the flames burning. When choosing a log grate, leave a few extra inches of space from the edges of the grate to the walls of the fire pit or fireplace.
  • Welded 5/8" carbon steel bar stock or stainless steel bar stock
  • Standard Sizes - Diameter Tip to Tip (Tine): 38”, 36”, 33, ”30”, 27”, 24”
  • 4” legs for optimal air circulation (longer or shorter legs available-  call for pricing-(844) 584-3473
  • Optional Char-Guard Ember Catch

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