SoHo - 28" White Wall Mount Fireplace

Anywhere Fireplace

  • $379.99

Beautifully crafted and elegant in design, this Anywhere Fireplace SoHo White Wall Mount Fireplace is great for complimenting any home with its white colored appearance. This soho white wall mount fireplace features a geometric, sophisticated, and clean design and appearance that can create a stunning addition to any living area when placed on a wall. It offers a warm ambiance and features a stylish background for the flames to dance. With its easy installation, it provides easy mounting onto any flat wall surface. Without emitting heat, smoke, or ash, this soho indoor wall mount fireplace is great for providing a comfortable and safe atmosphere for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Featuring a high gloss white painted design, this Soho white wall mount fireplace can easily match in perfectly with your surrounding room and decor. It doesn't require the need for a chimney, glass line or electric line to be installed, and runs off the bio-ethanol eco-friendly liquid fuel source. This SoHo Indoor Wall Mount Biofuel Fireplace offers a compact size and provides a stunning appearance that can draw your attention while warming your hearts and bodies in its warm glow.


  • Paint: High Gloss White
  • Type: Ventless
  • Installation: Wall mounted (not wall recessed)
  • Fuel: Eco-friendly bio-ethanol fuel
  • Non-toxic: Yes
  • Dimensions: 27"W x 19"H x 5"D

Recommended Fuel: Fuel Not Included. ONLY USE Bio-Ethanol Liquid Fuel for any ventless fireplaces. NEVER use another fuel source.

Buy the Anywhere Fireplace SoHo White Wall Mount Fireplace and create a perfect touch of ambiance and warmth within your home.

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