Gramercy - 32" White Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace

Anywhere Fireplace

  • $349.00

The Anywhere Fireplace Gramercy Wh. Indoor Outdoor Fireplace is an elegantly designed and sophisticated fireplace which can offer that extra touch of warm ambiance to any home. This gramercy wh indoor outdoor fireplace is a safer alternative to that of wood burning fireplaces without the release of soot, smoke, ash, or noxious gases with its bio-ethanol fuel source. It also provides an easy to install design which allows for your fireplace to be placed in living areas and on patios to bring additional warmth in the cooler months of the year. This gramercy indoor outdoor floor fireplace is great for use in homes, condos, offices, apartments or restaurants and can easily match in stunningly with your surrounding decor with its white coloured appearance. Complimentary to your living space, this GRAMERCY Indoor/Outdoor Floor Standing Ethanol Fireplace can really bring a warm and inviting feel that is eye-catching to all your guests.

Impressively designed, this gramercy wh indoor outdoor fireplace features a high-style and contemporary appearance that features a lovely background for the flames to dance. It comes with a ventless design and can help save the money without the need to gas lines, electric lines or chimney installation. With its compact size it can be placed in the centre of rooms or near walls away from flammable materials. It can be placed on tables and is lightweight for easy positioning for optimal heating for up to 5 hours with its 1L of fuel. This gramercy indoor outdoor floor fireplace is great for producing high amounts of heat to keep you warm during the colder seasons and provides a lovely ambiance that truly is breathtaking.


  • Finish:White
  • Style: High Style/Contemporary
  • Ventless: Yes
  • Fuel: Liquid Ethanol fuel
  • Burning Time: 5 hours
  • Capacity: 1L of fuel
  • Stands: Level Surfaces
  • Weight: 22lbs
  • Dimensions: 32"L x 12"W x 17"H

Recommended Fuel: Fuel Not Included. ONLY USE Liquid Bio-Ethanol Fuel for any ventless fireplaces. NEVER use another fuel source.

Buy the Anywhere Fireplace Gramercy Wh. Indoor Outdoor Fireplace today and watch as your home comes alive with warmth.


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