SoHo 28" Stainless Steel Wall Mount Fireplace

Anywhere Fireplace

  • $379.99

Beautifully designed, the Anywhere Fireplace SoHo Stainless Wall Mount Fireplace is a must have addition to any home. This Soho stainless wall mount fireplace features a geometric and clean design which offers a touch of sophistication within any home or room. It is perfect for complimenting your existing decor, and provides a warm glow that is alluring and inviting to the eyes with the dance of the flames. Great for placing in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and family rooms, this Soho wall mount ethanol fireplace is able to easily bring that warm ambiance that is relaxing and peaceful when talking or entertaining friends.

Designed ventless without the need for chimney, gas line or electric line installation, this ventless wall mount fireplace black Soho model provides additional money saving without the need of renovating walls. It offers high heating properties with the ability to burn eco-friendly bio-ethanol liquid fuel, and is perfect for offering a safer alternative than wood burning fires without emitting smoke, ash, soot, or noxious gases. With its brushed stainless steel construction, this Soho stainless wall mount fireplace can withstand any demanding heating application and can easily be hung on any flat wall surface to bring that distinctive and eye-catching touch to any home.


  • Construction: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Ventless: Yes
  • Fuel: Bio-Ethanol
  • Mountable: Yes/Wall Mount
  • Safe: Yes non-polluting
  • Dimensions: 27.5"W x 19"H x 5"D

Recommended Fuel: Fuel Not Included. ONLY USE Liquid Bio-Ethanol Fuel for any ventless fireplaces. NEVER use another fuel source.

Try the Anywhere Fireplace SoHo Stainless Wall Mount Fireplace today and see what others are saying about this magical fireplace.

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