Fire Pit Art Funky Dog Fire Pit

Fire Pit Art

  • $790.00

Bring a 4 legged best friend into your life with the Fire Pit Art Funky Dog Fire Pit! This funky dog firepit features a cleverly placed dog pattern cut-out around the base of the firepit that highlights wonderfully when the fire is ablaze. Designed by Rick Wittrig, this Fire Pit Art Funky Dog model is perfect for placing in any outdoor backyard area to create a whimsical look and feel when used. It is designed as a fun and hip fire pit that is great for the more fun at heart dog lover. This funky dog firepit can provide a relaxing and warming atmosphere that can not only keep you warm of a night during winter but also be the talk of the party.

This funky dog fire pit is individually signed on its brass plaque to deliver an authentic and original design. It is constructed with 1" heavy gauge carbon steel which can handle the demanding wear and tear of any outdoor weather conditions. It is designed with a protective iron oxide finish and is designed with a vibrant iron oxide patina coating that will mature and darken when used. This funky dog fire pit features an interior coating which allows for the fire pit to easily withstand against the highest temperature ranges. With its 1.5" rain drain it is made to be left out in the weather without becoming full of water. It doesn't require any maintenance and features a diameter of 36" and a 24" height.


  • Construction: 1 quarter inch carbon steel
  • Rain Drain: Yes 1"
  • Inner coating: Heat resistant
  • Outer Coating: Iron oxide patina
  • Individually numbered: Yes
  • Design: Funky Dog
  • Diameter: 36"
  • Height: 24"

Buy the funky dog fire pit today and bring man's best friend into your life in a brilliant blaze of fire!

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